La Volonté Association organized on Sunday, September 19th, 2021, in the lobby of the primary school number 2 of Metline, and in coordination with the local hospital, Hassan Belkhouja, Ras Jbal, a free COVID-19 rapid tests campain, in order to analyze and limit the epidemiological situation in the Metline area and control its spread. The results of the analyzes revealed that there were two infections out of a total of 110 analyzes, which indicates that the epidemiological situation in the Metline region is thankfully very good.

On this occasion, the association extends its thanks and appreciation to each of:

  • Mr. Samir Farhat, the governor of Ras Jbal for his great support to the association.
  • Mr. Hossam Al-Ghazi, Director of the Ras Jbal Hospital, for his great cooperation for the success of this initiative.
  • All the medical staff who attended today and did the rapid tests, headed by Mrs. Najwa Al-Dridi.
  • The Principal of the Primary School No. 2 in Matlin and all the educational staff working in the school.
  • The Tunisian Scout Regiment Metline Branch for their active contribution to the success of the campaign.
  • The doctors of Metline: Dr. Moez Azzouz, Dr. Arabi Ladhib, and Dr. Nabil Boulaares for their volunteering and support for the initiative.
  • Both the night and the day Pharmacies in Metline for their support of the campaign.
  • All members and friends of the association who attended today and contributed to the success and good organization of this campaign.
  • All those who donated in order to acquire theses rapid tests.

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