As part of supporting the state’s efforts against the Corona virus, La Volonté association contributed today to the organization and success of the sixth national day of vaccination against the Corona virus in Ras Jbal.

Today, the official number of vaccinated people in Ras Jbal delegation reached 4248 people, distributed as follows: 3077 people were vaccinated in the vaccination center at the Muhammad Ali Annabi Institute, and 1171 people were vaccinated in the Childrens Club in Ras Jbal.

On this occasion, the association extends its thanks and appreciation to all the participating members of the association and salutes all the medical and paramedical staff at the Ras Jbal Hospital, the educational staff at the Mohamed Ali Annabi Institute, the National Army and the local authorities in Ras Jbal, headed by Mr. Samir Farhat the governor of Ras Jbel for their great contribution in the success of this day

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